Participating in the Meet and Greet Application allows us to begin the interview process with great efficiency and convenience for all. 

 This site has separate tabs with information about our daycare and boarding accommodations, our lobby hours, an interactive calendar and is also *mobile friendly. However, we do recommend filling out the application on a device other than a phone.

Important note:  All meet and greet/daycare applicants must have been in their current home for a minimum of 3 weeks prior to joining us for any services, to include the Meet & Greet.

Thank you for visiting and exploring our site, we look forward to hearing from you!


K9 Kabana is currently at capacity regarding adult dogs who are dedicated daycare attendees. Exceptions are those adults who are proven, stable, all around social "rock-stars" that are known to integrate into new friendships and groups of dogs comfortably. We do have limited spaces available for puppies or young juveniles, who are just beginning their social learning journey.

We are happy to add anyone truly interested in our daycare program to our wait list if requested.

Good to know info; we are no longer accepting any additional "boarding only" clients. All current boarding clientele are regular, weekly/bi-weekly daycare attendees or have been a part of the Kabana family since 2011.

Thank you!