Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to bring my dog in for a Meet & Greet If He has been to other facilities or plays at the park already?

Great question! Not unlike people, dog behaviour is not "static" and can alter due to context and environment. It is very helpful to asses together with you if we may indeed be the right environment for your dog and your familiy's particular needs and goals. We will continue to monitor your pet for the first several play days as well. The Meet & Greet also gives you the opportunity to tour and meet any staff members that are present for your appointment. We have found that taking the time to meet with pet parents allows us to work as a team from the very beginng!

Why can't my family and I just come by unannounced and take a tour of your facility?

In reality there is nothing stopping anyone from dropping in unannounced but there is no guarantee that we will be in a position to drop what we are doing to give a tour. More importantly, we have quite a few shy dogs in our groups due to the fact that we work with trainers and behaviour counselors who's specialties include very, people- shy dogs. These dogs and even the not as shy dogs are here to play and learn, they thrive on their routine and become accustommed to our staff and the activities that we plan ahead and follow each day. If we were to take walk-in tours when ever they showed up, these dogs would spend their days being led in and out of "safe zones", up and out ot the way of "strangers" and lose out on the activities that they so look forward to and that their owners are expecting from us while they are under our supervision. Please also consider the safety aspect of a situation such as this. Safety of people touring, the dogs and our staff. We choose safety and quality over strangers with unfettered access to our person and our guests and will not compromise the care, comfort and safety that we work so hard to uphold.

Are you a "cage free" facility?

No. We are proponents of crate training here at K9 Kabana. All of our guests must be able to be safely and comfortablly crated or kenneled as all breaks, eating and overnight sleeping is done while crated for their safety and privacy. Dogs with moderate to higher isolation distress or seperation anxiety generally do not do well in this type of routine. For those that do have anxieties such as this, we reccommend a private, in-home pet sitter or a facility that can accommodate for such issues.

We just adopted a new dog, why should we wait a couple of weeks before attending a Meet & Greet?

This is for several reasons. One, it can take up to a month for an adult dog to settle into a new living environment, reserving much of "who they are" until they have gained full confidence in the surroundings and their whole new world. It's a lot to ask of them to visit another facility full of new people, dogs and smells so soon after being placed. Puppies will need adjustment time to feel confident after having to learn how to "puppy" with out their sibblings. Two, equally, if not more so than the above reasons are contageous, airbone viruses that are abundant and unavoidable in shelters. If the dog was exposed, they historically tend to show any symtoms with in the first 10 days after leaving the shelter. The same can be noted for our facility. There is no way to know who may be a carrier here or who may have been exposed elsewhere as well. We don't want any new puppy or "compromised" adult dog to expose or be exposed if it is not an emergency. Vaccines for viruses are updated regulary but not unlike the human versions, they can not and do not claim to prevent every active virus out there at the time. If we can wait to lesson the opportunity of a viral exposure then we absolutely should. Third, we generally do not have the appointment availability the same week that we receive the request. Acclimating a new dog(s) into our family here takes time and a concerted effort to ensure that all parties will benefit by being here with us for future day care and boarding stays. As a smaller facility (and a modest staff) it can take 2-3 weeks to observe and acclimate a new pup or 2 to us and our routine here at K9 Kabana. Please also note that during "peak" boarding periods such as holidays, school breaks and throughout the summer, we have to implement a Meet & Greet "waiting list" during these busier seasons, so it is reccommended to plan ahead when ever feasable. Whether it's here at K9 Kabana, a professional pet-sitter or another facility, you should beging your search and planning at least a month ahead of any trip where you will need day or overnight care during "peak" seasons.

What vaccines will my dog need before attending daycare or boarding?

Rabies: 1 year or 3 year is accepted. By state law all dogs 16 weeks and older must have proof of a current vaccination on file. DA2PP: (Distemper, Adenovirus-2, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza) This is usually a standard "core" vaccine that all our dogs receive annually. Bordetella Broncoseptica: Annually CIV: (k9 flu) is currently HIGHLY reccommended by our attending veterinarian and the AAHA vaccine guidelines, with consideration to life style. You are welcome to explore this and other information here: https://www.aaha.org/guidelines/canine_vaccination_guidelines/vaccine_calculator.aspx A negative stool sample: Annually We reccommend yearly heartworm, intestinal parasite, flea and tick treatment. You are welcome to email a copy of vaccines and any pertinant medical information as you receive them so we can keep our records up to date at all times for your convenience.

What should I bring along for my dog's boarding stay and when can I drop him off?

To keep everything simple and efficient, we ask for as little as possible! We will need enough of their usual food/diet for the duration of their stay as well an extra days worth in the event that you are forced to extend the stay due to unexpected travel delays. Due to state and county guidlines all food must be brought in air-tight, spill proof containers or packaging. Most pet-parents bag each meal in ziplocks for accurate and usual amounts that the dog normally eats on a daily basis. We have a refrigorater for parishable items as well. If he/she is on any medicaitons, please bring them clearly labeled by the veterinarian that prescribed them. (we do not charge extra to administer medicaions that are not "above and beyond" what is to be expected for maintenance of a condition, non-life threatening illness or injury.) We will provide all bedding and bowls. We prefer not to get personal items mixed in with all of ours whenver possible. We change bedding and dishes regularly and have found that using our own items prevents the confusion and frustration of keeping up with what can end up being a "needle in the haystack" on top of having those items ready for you at any given moment. For efficiency and streamlining of equal care to all of our overnight guests, using our own supplies is preferred. Please note that we can not be responsible if personal items are lost or damaged. Please bring any and all updated contact information to include any changes to veterinary care. It's not at the top our minds to mention it when we've switched veterinary clinics or moved to a neighborhood if time has passed in between visits but it is important for us to have accurate contact information in case we need to ask questions or address any concerns that we may have about your dog while you're away from home. Do you have a different emergency contact for this particular vacation? Will you be out of range for phone service? Not getting ahold of anyone will not stop us from seeking a veterinary opinion if warrented but having currennt information is preferred. Check-in and check-out is by appointment during the following times: Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - Noon & 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Saturday - 8:00 am - Noon & 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Sunday- 11:00 am - Noon & 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Checking out before Noon will defer the 1/2 day of camp Fee of $15. The reason that we ask for a time is so that we can be prepared for your arrival as well as your departure. A staff member will secure their play group to be available to check your dog in and gather all the necessary information that we need for their stay and also gather their belongings prior to pick-up. If you are going to be late with either appointment time, please let us know as soon as possible

Is there anything that I should bring with my dog for day camp? Is there a certain time I should drop him off?

If your puppy or young dog is still eating 3 meals a day, please feel free to pack a lunch and we will be happy to feed him during our mid-day nap time. Some of our happy campers are too exicited to eat breakfast of play day, please don't hesitate to bring their meal along with them as we are happy to feed them for you. We also offer stuffed, frozen kongs for a small fee. We provide bedding, towels and bowls during nap time. For safety purposes please arrive with your dog on a standard leash (retractables are highly discouraged) and a normal collar (no prongs please). We also discourage letting young children be responsbile for picking up or dropping off for camp. There are many reasons for this but safety of children is a considerable concern to have with many dogs coming and going. Remember those "shyer' dogs that we mention in the Meet & Greet information area? We have several people-shy dogs that are particularly skiddish around children. The lobby is an excitable place during peak check-in and check-out times. This is not the place or time for a shy dog to come face to face with a child. We ask that all of our campers arrive between 7:00 am - 9:00 am so that we can begin our day of play and activities with as little interuption as possible. Our half-day campers also arrive between 7:00 am - 9:00 am and check-out before our mid-day closure. Group play ends by 3:30 as the lobby becomes an excitable and frustrating distraction to most of our campers. Individual potty breaks are of course offered until you arrive to pick up. This is also the time that we begin preparing meals for our overnight guests. A little rest prior to eating is always a goal, especially for our larger breed guests. *WE ARE CLOSED M-F FROM NOON - 3:00 PM FOR STAFF LUNCH BREAKS, SHIFT CHANGES AND UNINTERUPTED GAMES AND PLAY TIME WITH THE DOGS.* We do our best to update Facebook at least once per day but we kindly ask for your patience. For every clear photo captured, we may delete 20 or more blurry ones! It is also more important to be paying attention to our groups when they are very active. Shooting and editing photos is not always successful on very busy play days but we do try to make all of our fun visible as often as possible and without compromising group safety in the process.

Why do you still ask for an appointment time during listed business hours?

As mentioned above about leaving voicemails, we are a "all hands on deck" facility. All staff are trained to be responsible for all aspects of our day to day business. When it is time to provide animal care or run play groups, we do not interupt those activites for walk-ins or phone calls. Having an appointment for checking in or out of boarding and having set drop off times for daycare helps us maintain the safety of our guests throughout each day. Simply stated; when we are aware of an appointment, we can plan accordingly without sacraficing the quality of attention to the guests currently in our charge. Please also consider that if we are not aware of an appointment, there is no guarantee that our lobby will be "open" during listed business hours. Activites and staff security is a priority here at K9 Kabana and we thank you ahead of time for understanding.