We are happy to offer overnight accommodations to our daycare and day camp participants. This was, and is, our goal; to offer the added service of overnight care to our regular daycare attendees. Regular attendance is considered at the minimum, 2 days per month, year round.

We sincerely appreciate referrals from our existing members, veterinarians and training professionals but we are no longer accepting any new "boarding only" clients at this time. All boarding reservations will be reserved for our established and regularly attending daycare guests

Fees: $32* per night, per dog. Charges work similar to a hotel; they begin upon check-in.

Check out times M-F: 9:00am (no additional charges when checked out by 9:00am).

Check out after 9:00am: + $15, (this is equal to a half day of camp).

Check out after 12:00pm: + $23 (this is equal to a full day of camp).

Weekends: Checking in or out are by appointment only and will be offered within specific time frames.

Saturday: 8:00am - Noon. No additional charges if picked up by Noon.

Saturday: Check out after Noon (4-5pm) + $23

Sunday: 11:00am - Noon. No additional charges when checked out by Noon.

Sunday: Check out after Noon (4-5pm) + $23

It is important to mention that we will kindly ask for specific check in and check out times for boarding in order to maintain efficiency and the quality of care in respect to the guests that our currently in our facility each day and to be able to schedule guests appropriately and based on these check in and out appointment times.

Travel itineraries are disrupted regularly and often at no fault of our own, we are all well aware of this frustration and have experienced it ourselves as well! However, we kindly ask to be notified of such changes as soon as you are able to.  

**There are some instances where pets may be better served by a pet-sitter, who's sole focus is limited to one household, or board at a veterinary clinic. Pets requiring multiple daily treatments/medications that take a disproportionate amount of time for our staff, who are responsible for multiple guests each day are an example of such referrals.


  *All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice*

April 1, 2020, Overnight Fee will increase to $33 per night

Keep an eye on our interactive calendar for changes related to holidays or events that may affect hour normal hours!